I’m running for Alderman because I want to maintain the quality of life for residents and keep our neighborhoods and parks safe for kids to play. I believe in the power of working together to find solutions to make our community better.  These are reasons I am also running for Alderman:

1. Step up investments in roads 

I will push for more revenues towards improving infrastructure and promote the cost of effective strategies like the use of high impact paving to address a large number of crumbling roads. Repaving Lisbon Avenue, portions of 92nd Street, Grantosa Blvd., Congress Street, 99th Street, and Florist Avenue will be a high priority for me, as well as stepping up repaving of the many side streets. 

2. Promote long-term solutions to public safety 

Being safe from crime is a top priority for all residents. The spiraling cost of paying public safety employees is not sustainable. If not checked, this runaway concern will lead to future reductions in police and fire services to residents and will likewise erode the quality of other city services we all enjoy. I will work for effective and sustainable ways to address safety, such as freeing up sworn officers for street duty by backfilling office and non-essential police functions with civilian employees.  Increase the use of Police Community Service Officers to improve police to respond to non-emergency calls that languish for a response while freeing up sworn officers for more proactive patrolling, and promoting MPD to establish separate patrols to deal with the growing concern associated with mobile drug sales in our district and community.   

3. Investigate ways to curb dangerous driving 

As a policymaker, resident, neighborhood organizer, and parent driver, fast, erratic and inattentive driving is a growing concern that I both see and hear from residents. This dangerous problem is increasing and jeopardizes the safety of children and families. As your Alderwoman, I will promote innovative solutions such as increasing use of red light running cameras, pushing for more proactive radar patrolling by law enforcement and working with neighbors on establishing residential speed humps and traffic controls/stop signs in their neighborhoods. 

4. Advocate fiscal responsibility 

Residents of the 5th District pay a hefty property tax burden. My commitment as your Alderwoman is to keep budget increases at or below the cost of inflation and new growth while working both on promoting the efficiency of services and fighting for our city's fair return of tax dollars, sent to our state and federal governments.